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IndSoft Blockchain Nodes

IndSoft Systems offers Nodes as a Service (NaaS) for enterprise on multiple blockchain protocols, Where we build, own & operate enterprise staking systems and manage turn key solutions for our clients. With constant evolutions in Blockchain Technology, It becomes extremely difficult for organization to keep pace, With the right technology mix both in IaaS and blockchain. We allow you to orchestrate complex networks across multiple clouds and datacenters without costly and time-consuming overheads. Deploy testnets and mainnets and ensure maximum decentralization while connecting existing data reservoirs via API.

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  • TypeXinfin Node
  • OSUbuntu 18.04 x64 with Docker
  • vCPU2
  • SSD80 GB
  • RAM4096 MB
Indsoft xinfin node
  • TypeStorX Storage
  • Storage1 TB
  • RAM32 GB
  • Bandwidth1 GBPS
  • Bandwidth Limit32 GB/Month
Indsoft Storx Storage node

What exactly is Node?
Why is Node significant in DLT?

Decentralized systems like blockchains depend on nodes to be run by the network participants. Nodes administer access to the network and secure its existence by maintaining copies of the database and verifying data (transactions and blocks) on it according to a set of rules.

What exactly is Node?

Why should we choose IndSoft to run NaaS?

Along the setup and running of a node comes constant maintenance and guaranteeing uptime. Some public blockchains are notorious for their time-intense maintenance and instability of the node. Professional Nodes as a service-providers can take care of this cumbersome procedure.

When you run a node with IndSoft Systems, we can offer you boutique-style, personalized consulting, and maintenance with a focus on blockchain and DLT services. We are a tangible company with experts in all fields.

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