About Us

About Us

IndSoft Systems is a leading internet infrastructure company offering ground-breaking solutions built specifically to power real-time web and mobile applications. IndSoft Systems has been demonstrating its expertise and refined experience in hosting complex and resilient internet infrastructure for businesses around the globe for more than a decade now.

Our Managed Hosting, Colocation, Cloud and Hosted Email Services provide solutions for all types and sizes of businesses. Since our inception in 1998, we've committed ourselves to be world's leading hosting providers. Our exceptional solutions guarantee the use of best technology, robust infrastructure and high-tech support to deliver clients with the most satisfactory cloud experience.

What We Offer?

Indsoft Hosting encapsulates the horizon of cloud hosting by extending its reach to meetall kinds of client demands ranging from small business requisites to big business infrastructures. Here's a quick look at what we offer:

  • VPS Hosting
  • Web Hosting
  • Dedicated Server
  • CPanel Hosting
  • Plesk Hosting Panel
  • Parallel PLEX Panel

A Few Interesting Facts About Us

  • Operating Profitably Since 1998
  • Extensive Hosting Arena across America, Europe & Asia
  • Thousands of Loyal Customers Across the Globe
  • Hosting in Linux and Windows Platforms
  • ExceptionalVirtual Private Server & Dedicated Server Hosting Services
  • All Solutions Are Backed by Seamless Support
  • Industry leading SLA Agreement
  • Guaranteed Resilient and Robust Network
  • High Quality 24x7 Support
  • Microsoft SPLA Partner


Recognized Indsoft as Best Web Hosting Company in the world in terms of security and reliability.
Best Local Beaverton Company Award in Internet Industry.
Best Web Hosting Partner Award from Microsoft.


Robust Internet Infrastructure
Reliable & Secure Network
Certified Enginers to Provide Support

Our Team Members

Murphy John

Murphy John| Chief Strategist

More than two decade experience in Internet Infrastructure and Hosting Industry. Featured in many International media.

Hitesh K

Hitesh K| Security Expert

More than two decade of Experience in Internet Security and Networking Management.

Hrishi V

Hrishi V| Certified Enginer

More than 12 years experience of Customer Care in Hosting Industry. He is Certified network engineer.

Perry S

Perry S| Financial Strategist

15+ Years of expertise in making Financial Strategy.

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