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Cloud Computing delivers Infrastructure-as-a-Service(IaaS) by integrating the industry's best technologies into flexible service offerings. Our cloud computing services go one step further by offering additional advantage such as increased reliability through our no single point of failure approach and enhanced performance using robust infrastructure.

We provide a wide range of cloud hosting services including private, hybrid and public cloud hosting. All of our solutions are mission critical. We focus on providing only high-end cloud hosting using enterprise-grade networking, hardware and software. We offer hosting solutions to a variety of clients from small businesses to large corporations. We guarantee reliability, scalability, security and performance. We take pride in delivering each solution, tailor-made to our clients' requirements. All solutions are backed by our superior customer service and 'extra mile' support culture.

Public Cloud Computing Solutions

Public cloud allows enterprises to consume IT resources fully on-demand, without the burden of maintaining data centers and physical hardware. While public cloud computing was popularized by low cost and best effort services, IndSoft Systems enterprise-focused cloud computing offers variety of enterprise-grade infrastructure-as-a-service and value-added offerings. IndSoft Systems Public Cloud Computing Solutions brings together the best aspects of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) technologies with deep managed hosting expertise to better map your company's resources directly to usage, while ensuring that performance and uptime goals are exceeded.

Benefits of Public Cloud Computing Solutions

IndSoft Systems maintains the entire cloud infrastructure (web servers, application servers, load balancing) and provides customers an interactive dashboard to monitor and manage their cloud resources. IndSoft Systems Public Cloud Computing Solutions is designed to readily integrate with your technical resources regardless of where they are hosted. This includes local or hosted CRM, fulfillment, and existing websites.

Private Cloud Computing Solutions

IndSoft Systems Private Cloud Computing Solutions blends industry-leading technology with premier managed service expertise. This combination delivers infrastructure to power the most complex applications and achieve rigorous compliance requirements. IndSoft Systems expert technicians work closely with your business to develop a Private Cloud solution. to address your current requirements and is built to scale into your longer term IT management strategy to ensure maximum flexibility, agility, security and faster time to market.

Benefits of Private Cloud Computing Solutions

IndSoft Systems designs and maintains the servers, storage, network, hypervisor and cloud management infrastructure that is designed as per the clients specific requirement. The customer is provided a dashboard of full performance and monitoring tools. Experts at IndSoft Systems work to ensure that your mission-critical applications always up and running, You could concentrate on your business, better leverage IT resources, and lower costs.

Hybrid Cloud Computing Solutions

IndSoft Systems Hybrid Solutions uses a right match of Public Cloud + Private Cloud to offer the perfect recipe for you success. With Hybrid Clouds, sensitive data and highly proprietary information is protected in your Private Cloud while web and application servers leverage the flexibility and scalability of our public cloud.

Benefits of Hybrid Cloud Computing Solutions

Hybrid Cloud Solution can be designed to host application, web servers and load balancers reside in the Public Cloud. Sensitive data resides in the Private Cloud, powered by IndSoft Systems. Customers can also easily integrate and interact with multiple environment and Public Clouds. Hybrid Cloud Solution if designed effectively could help client save resources and money by moving less critical applications and data to the Public Cloud, while maintaining sensitive data and applications in a Private Cloud.

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